How to earn money by freelancing? Online Earning - Tips and Guidelines ! 29 October 2020


Internet Marketing: Internet based marketing activities like marketing on blogs, social networking websites

Customer Service: Provide necessary assistance to buyers of various domestic and foreign companies by providing information through telephone, email and social media.


Administrative Support: Accessing data for various jobs in various local and foreign organizations, working as a private assistant, etc.
Through the practice of Internet-based freelance, various websites around the world have expanded their services, and both global buyers and customers are benefiting through these intermediaries (media). Anyone can open an account on this website and promote their details and anyone can apply to open an account and if they think it is suitable for the job. Websites of these intermediary businesses get a ratio of 2 to 2 transactions and this is often their profit. Some of the favorite online websites are Up work,, Fiver, Guru etc.


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                                   Author  ( Hafijur Rahman )