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 8 Best Online Business Ideas To Be Established Online
October 24, 2020


The profit margin in online business is increasing. In the last one year, about ৩ 2.304 trillion has been sold online worldwide. Online business is going to occupy a large part of the retail market around the world. It is estimated that in 2017, 48.3% of the world's population will purchase products online.

According to Hosting Facts, there are currently 96 million websites worldwide. Of these, more than 100 million websites run online businesses. And seeing the success of online businesses around the world, the interest in online business is growing among the people of our country.

The good news for us is that many of our online business entrepreneurs have had great success. At the same time, this online business is expanding rapidly! People now prefer to sit at home and buy things instead of going to different shops. Moreover, with the change in lifestyle, it is becoming difficult for many to find new success in traditional business.

However, if you are also interested in this online business associated with our rapidly changing lifestyle, let us know what online business is and the 8 best online business ideas.

What is online business?
Online business is when any business activity takes place on the internet. In the case of online business, you do not have to invest too much capital. You can also run this business part time and from anywhere in the world.

Types of Online Business
Online business can usually be divided into two parts. Namely- 1) Product based online business 2) Service based online business

If you read this small introduction to online business or have already decided but you can not decide how or what kind of business to start your online business. But I have come up with these 8 best online business ideas for you.

1) E-commerce
When it comes to online business ideas, e-commerce comes first. E-commerce is at the forefront of online business. If you want you can start your online business with this e-commerce. But here are some things to keep in mind:

Invest in profitable markets.
Don’t start with expensive products in the beginning.
Verify the market demand of the product.
Get ideas from other e-commerce sites.
2) Handicrafts
The demand for handicrafts has not diminished in this modern society since ancient times. People are still dependent on handicrafts to meet many needs. You can start this handicraft business online if you want. If you can buy and sell products directly from handicraftsmen, the amount of profit will naturally be higher.

3) Book sales
Although there are many websites selling books in the market, there is nothing to be disappointed about. Because successful people think like ordinary people, but in a slightly different way. You can sell old books if you want. You can really understand how much demand there is for old books by visiting Nilkhet in Dhaka.

You can also start your online business by buying and selling old books. At first you can start with a Facebook page or group. Later on, as the amount of capital increases, you can further expand your online business by opening a website.

4) Sale of seasonal products
You can compare online business with local business. People's confidence and trust in online business has increased a lot from the current local business. You can sell seasonal products online if you want.

If you clarify the matter a little more, you will understand. For example, in the summer you can do mango business. You can sell it online by bringing formalin free mango directly from Rajshahi. You can also sell fruits or products that are in high demand in different seasons online.

5) Blogging
You can easily make money by opening a blog. Many people are taking blogging as their profession nowadays. You can blog in English or Bengali if you want. However, the demand for English language blogs and visitors are much higher.

You can earn income in different ways through blogging. Such as- Google Adsense, advertisement of domestic advertising agency or advertisement of any other company. Again, many times you can earn money by writing paid reviews or sponsored posts.

6) YouTube
There is nothing new to say about YouTube. There are already many well-known YouTubers in Bangladesh, about whom you have read in newspapers. If you want, you can also start an online business on YouTube.

Ask yourself what kind of video you want to make. In this case, you can make a video on the subject that you are experienced in, or you can take ideas from videos on other YouTubers. 

7) Affiliate marketing
Through affiliate marketing you can earn money online by sharing links to various products or services. To know more about affiliate marketing, you can read the posts on affiliate marketing of Swadesh IT.

8) Video editor
You can do business online through video editing. Nowadays, various companies need video editors to create videos on YouTube, starting from their ads. Your online video editing business can meet these needs.



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