Quarantine Income Opportunities - Online Earning - Tips and Guidelines ! 27 October 2020


 How to Earn Money during Lockdown Period? 27 October 2020


 Online graphic design work 

If you are a skilled graphic designer managing simple graphic software like Adobe Photoshop and / or Adobe Illustrator, you can hire online and make good money. Many international platforms employ graphic designers for small to large projects such as logo design, business card design, banner design, brochure design, etc.

Online Approved Marketing
Do you want to browse social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) from now on? Why not use these platforms to make some extra money? You can promote a product (produced by another company) through any social media online platform, where you can engage or pull followers. If a visitor purchases an advertised product through a link you post, you can easily earn an approved commission. Nowadays many local companies are providing affiliation services. Let's discuss some opportunities.

Online teaching and learning work
Teach online and donate your life. You can create tutorials based on your skills and promote your social media profiles like LinkedIn.com. Start with some basic level courses for a nominal fee or free of charge. If you get feedback from the audience, provide some given courses with advanced level of skills.

Online writing work
Do you have a natural inclination to write? If yes, you can work as a freelance writer on various local and online platforms. Whether you are a trainee writer or an expert researcher, you can earn money as well as search for various jobs like translation as well as guest writing, blog post writing, article writing, academic writing, book writing, research work etc. See the following source.

Online programming work
Do you like coding? You can hire online, if you have proficiency in any programming language like PHP, Python, C #, Java etc., you can apply for freelance programming job depending on your skill level and level of experience. Here are some resources for finding online programming jobs.

Skill based freelancing work
 The internet is a vast sea of ​​opportunities for different professions. If you have expertise in specific knowledge like business proposal planning, project management, digital marketing, etc., you can look for a freelance job in the international market.

Delivery work
So far we have discussed many local and international platforms where skilled people can sell their skills online. How do you become interested in finding a job to support your family when you have no special skills to sell online? Don't worry! There is a will, there is a way!

In the current lockdown situation, a growing number of customers are ordering essential products from online stores such as groceries, kitchen items, medicines, baby products and many more. In this context, many companies are hiring people in delivery and many more places in the country. If you own a motorbike or cycle, a healthy person can easily apply for delivery work. This work can give you both money and satisfaction to help people.

The last row

So far we have discussed multiple resources for finding skills-based freelance jobs. To find a specific job that matches your skills, you need to do in-depth research on these platforms. Be sure to check the rules of your chosen platform before applying for a job. And, prevent spamming that can lead to account removal.

Healthy people can go to the delivery. If you want to work offline, take the necessary precautions to avoid coronavirus infection. Stay safe!


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