To be successful YouTuber - Online Earning - Tips and Guidelines ! 25 October 2020

 Do you want to be a successful YouTuber?  25 October 2020

 At this point , video means YouTube. It's really hard to seek out someone who uses the web but doesn't use YouTube. There are most sorts of videos on YouTube, from education, entertainment, sports, news, technology, decor, cooking and travel. even as YouTube has become a singular medium of education and entertainment, it's also a well-liked means of earning money nowadays. By creating a channel on YouTube, you'll earn the maximum amount as you'll work independently.

If you would like to be a successful YouTuber, you want to show patience and honesty. Your video content must be unique. it's not right to think that with the creation of a channel, there'll be thousands of views and subscribers or thousands of rupees are going to be earned. Success requires time and energy .


Channel topics

The first step is to make a decision what you would like to try to to . you'll create channels on YouTube with various topics like education, entertainment, technology, cooking, fashion, travel, funny videos. However, if you create a channel with a selected topic, it's more likely to be acceptable to the viewers. Now video blogging or blogging is additionally quite popular.


Channel name

You can give the channel a singular name to match the content of your video. Use channel tags; which can assist you find your channel.



YouTube's income is essentially indirect income (passive income). some of the revenue generated by advertising on YouTube videos is paid to the video creator. there's no equation here that one thousand views would earn numerous dollars. you cannot monetize videos as soon as you open a channel on YouTube. To earn money from YouTube, you would like to participate within the YouTube Partner Program. If your channel has a minimum of one thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watchtime in 12 months, it are often applied for monetization. However, if you've got more subscribers to your channel and more video views, you'll also attempt to get sponsors outside of YouTube revenue. Earnings also can be made by reviewing different products.


The way to increase views

you'll increase the amount of viewers (views) of the video by sharing it on social media. Add another video or playlist to the top screen when uploading videos to YouTube. Add the right video description. Sort videos by playlist by category. Use relevant video tags. you'll use tools like TubeBuddy or VidIQ for tag research. aside from that you simply also can do paid boost (advertising).


You must suits copyright and community guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may end in the closure of your monetization (income) and even the closure of your channel. Copyright and community guidelines have three strikes. There are incidents like deleting videos, stopping live streaming, and not having the ability to upload videos for every strike within a particular period of your time .  However, if you think that your copyright strike has been mistaken, you'll provides a counter notification.

The way to create and decorate a YouTube channel

1. attend check in with gmail by clicking check in at the highest right.

2. Click on the round channel icon on the highest right and click on on My Channel. Use YouTube as ... box will appear. If it's a two word channel name, write it in two cells. If you are doing not have a two-word channel name, click on Use a business or other name below, enter the channel name of your choice and click on Create Channel to make a channel.

3. If you click on Create a video or post (plus icon on camera) on the highest right, you'll get Upload video and Go live option. Upload video from here. you'll also post the schedule. Add video titles, video descriptions, tags, thumbnails and playlists to publish videos by clicking Publish.

4. Add Channel Icon and Channel Art by clicking on Customize Channel from My Channel. Add Channel Trailer. Sort the house page. Create playlist.

5. Add links to channel descriptions, e-mails, locations, social media by clicking on About.

6. You want to verify the channel together with your mobile number by clicking on the Verify option next to Status and Features.

7. Branding the channel by clicking on Branding from the channel.

 Add End Screen & Annotation from Video Manager. you'll see different information from Analytics.

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                                   Author  ( Hafijur Rahman )